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MST-Bauer CenterSeal® High-Pressure Rotary Feeder Valve

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MST Corporation is an International Leader in Manufacturing, Restoration, Value Added Engineering, Replacement Parts Design and Manufacturing, and Reverse Engineering for Continuous Process Industries, including: Mining, Food Processing, Biofuel, Paper Manufacturing, Paper Recycling, Chemical Processing, and many others.

We offer:

  • CNC/CAD/CAM Machining and Design.
  • High Technology Welding and Fabrication Services.
  • MST-Bauer High Pressure Rotary Feeders, with our Patented Fast Break-in, Seal and Longer Wear Life Features.
  • MST is the Current-Original OEM Bauer High-Pressure Rotary Feeder Manufacturer, providing Rebuilding, Upgrades, and New Replacement High-Pressure Plug Screw Feeders Valves.
  • CNC Drilled Plates for all Applications.
  • Paper Recycling Extraction Plates, New and Restored.
  • Pulper Rotors and Specialty Rotors.
  • Our Legendary Exclusive Industrial Ceramilox® Hard Coating, used on Packing Sleeves and Pump Wear Surfaces.
  • Precision Reverse Engineering and Manufacture of Industrial Replacement Parts.
  • Root Cause Analysis and Upgrade Services.
  • Biofuel Process Equipment Consulting and Manufacturing.
  • MST can work with all Steels: Stainless, Super Alloy and Hardfacing Steels are our Specialty.

Let us know what we can do for you.

Bauer High Pressure Rotary Feeder Valves
Bauer High-Pressure
Rotary Feeder Valves
Extraction Plates, Screens, Drilled Plates
Extraction Plates, Screens, Drilled Plates
Pulper Rotors and Specialty Rotors
Pulper Rotors and
Specialty Rotors
High Technology Welding Services
High Technology
Welding Services
High Pressure Plug Screw Feeders
High-Pressure Plug
Screw Feeders
CNC/CAD/CAM Machining and Design
Machining and Design
Replacement Parts, Reverse Engineering, Design & Manufacturing
Replacement Parts
Ceramilox®  For Packing Sleeve and Wear Surface Applications
Ceramilox® For Packing Sleeve and Wear Surface Applications
Material Science Technology Corporation Products and Services
MST CORPORATION - Metal Working Technology, Products, and Services for Continuous Process Industries since 1981.  
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