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Who We Are:

In 1968 the founder of MST Corporation began his career in process equipment design, raw material process technology, and upgrade and services manufacturing, principally oriented toward pulp and paper, mining systems and nuclear welding processes. His career activities expanded to include aerospace, nuclear, metallurgical, welding, metalizing, and process engineering technologies as they fit into and benefit machinery and components used for continuous process industries and advanced technology research and development.

In 1981, MST was founded based on the rapidly growing field of material science technology, hence the MST acronym in the company name.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide high quality, value-added manufacturing and services for critical machinery and parts used in the manufacture of pulp and paper, paper recycling and related continuous process industries.

Common sense dictates that our customers have the better technical information for making important purchase decisions. MST has an obligation to explain how our value-added manufacturing and services improve mechanical reliability and save you money based on a sound, strong and valid scientific underpinnings—up to date facts. The work MST does is based on sound principles: advanced knowledge of applied physics and process technologies that we can logically support and put in plain words to our customers.

MST strives to always be able to serve our customers on the bases of the most current applied physics involved in the various disciplines that make up modern process technology. We incorporate these technologies into our manufacturing and services. Our advanced process technologies are used to provide the quality products and services essential to our customers' needs.

Business Conduct:

None of the above would have proper meaning absent authentic integrity. MST has always conducted business based on the idea that, in business, there truly are self-evident principles of conduct.

We strive to have our business conduct espouse the absolute imperative that business, in order to be meaningful to each party involved, requires that there be shared relationships founded on the highest standards of honesty and integrity. That is, shared relationships, which cultivates heartfelt mutual respect. For this to happen, integrity must be openly evident and an integral part of what we do and how we conduct our transactions with our valued customers and suppliers.

We sincerely thank you for the opportunity to serve your needs and requests.

Our No Nonsense Warranty:

MST Corporation No Nonsense Warranty

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